Results tagged “2009”

Borrowing in a Bad Economy: Legal Issues in New Borrowings, Post-Issuance Tax Compliance
2009, NACUA, Scott Lilienthal

A Trustee's Guide to Reviewing the New IRS Form 990 Lock
2009, AGB, Thomas K. Hyatt

Statement on the IRS Compliance Questionnaire for Colleges and Universities

Legal Pitfalls and Pratfalls in Overseas Ventures Lock
2009, AGB, Martin Michaelson

Every University Lawyer Needs to Know about Hiring, Firing, and Employing Foreign Nationals
2009, H. Ronald Klask, Michael Pfahl, NACUA

New Privacy and Security Laws Found in Unlikely Places Lock
2009, AGB, Pamela J. Bernard

Basics of Research Compliance: Research Intellectual Property, Federal Grants Administration, and Research Misconduct
2009, Alexander Dreier, Ann Adams, Jennifer Stillerman, NACUA, Nancy Tribbensee

Key HEOA Compliance Obligations
2009, Margaret L. O'Donnell, NACUA, Susan K. Hattan

Congressional Research Service Report: Reporting and Disclosure Requirements for Institutions of Higher Education to Participate in Federal Student Programs Under Title IV of the Higher Education Act
2009, David P. Smole

Implementing the Higher Education Opportunity Act - A Checklist for Business Officers
2009, NACUBO

Information Required to Be Disclosed Under the Higher Education Act of 1965: Suggestions for Dissemination. A Report by NPEC.
2009, NPEC

Student on Student Harassment
2009, Maureen E. McClain, NACUA

Changes in Sexual Harassment Law Warrant Prompt Attention Lock
2009, AGB, Pamela J. Bernard

NACUANOTE: International Academic Travel and U.S. Export Controls
2009, Lawrence Ward, NACUA, Nelson Dong

NACUANOTE: Spending from Underwater Endowment Funds in Times of Economic Distress
2009, A.L. Spitzer, Carolyn Ward, NACUA

Association of Governing Boards Statement on Conflict of Interest
2009, AGB

Report by AGB and United Educators: "The State of Enterprise Risk Management at Colleges and Universities Today"
2009, AGB

Conducting Campus Risk Assessment and Setting Compliance Priorities
2009, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Craig Stewart, Marcia Isaacson, NACUA, Stephen Sencer

College and University Compliance Programs: Overview Goals, Elements, Structures and Strategies
2009, NACUA, Patrick H. Dunkley, Stanford University

College and University Compliance Programs: Obligations, Organization and Implementation
2009, Craig Parker, NACUA